Temescal Aquatic Masters (TEME) is a United States Masters Swimming program in Oakland that offers fourteen coached workouts per week (two per day) along with a variety of social activities. We're the 10th largest team in Pacific Masters Swimming, the USMS regional organization.

With over 400 swimmers, we welcome all adults ages 18+ (fitness, triathlete, competitive, non-competitive and novice) who enjoy fitness swimming. As an affable group, our magical water spawns many friendships, romances and partnerships. In fact, because we often have expectant mothers at our workouts, a sizeable number of future TEME athletes start swimming before they are even born!

Our Pool

We meet at Temescal Pool located at 371 45th Street near Oakland Technical High School. Our pool is six lanes wide and an unusual 100 feet long. 

Team Governance 

Established in 1982, TEME has always demonstrated a bohemian spirit. 


In 2011, the team elected a traditional board of directors and registered as an official non-profit organization.


TEME remains easygoing and unconventional.  A spirit of comity, rather than cannon, governs our affairs.

Team Etiquette and policy

We encourage a fun and safe fitness enviornment. 

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