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Covid-19 Policies and Procedures for Reopening 

Temescal Aquatic Masters is committed to working with CDC, State of California, and City of Oakland Covid-19 guidelines and protocols as we provide opportunities for our coaches and members to participate in swim workouts. 
  • Temescal Aquatic Masters has created a set of policies and procedures for its members to follow during coached workouts.

June 25, 2021


Background: Shelter-In-Place Order for Pools Lifted

On June 15, the Alameda County Public Health Official issued updated Shelter-in-Place Orders to reopen outdoor swimming pools. The City of Oakland continues to review the Health Order requirements and has begun to resume essential training and American Red Cross certification programs for staff. Temescal Aquatic Masters (TEME) currently is working with existing and prospective coaches to be in compliance with state and local rulings



Before You Swim: TEME Covid-19 Health Check:

In order to swim with TEME, every swimmer, before each workout, must:

  • Monitor your own health to consider/notice any symptoms of illness (e.g., fever, sore throat, cough, etc.). If you are feeling at all ill, do not come to practice under any circumstance. 

  • You may deck-change as necessary or use the locker rooms and showers. Please do NOT leave valuables in the unattended locker rooms or your car. 

  • Continue to self monitor for the following conditions prior to swimming:

    • Does anyone in your household have, or have had within the past fourteen days, any of the following:
      • Fever

      • Persistent cough

      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

      • Sore throat

      • Muscle or body aches

      • Loss of taste or smell

      • Ask yourself:

    • Has anyone in your household had close exposure to confirmed COVID-19 person/persons in the last 14 days? 

    • Have you taken medication to lower your temperature? 

  • Follow the coach's lane assignments and keep appropriate distance from other swimmers in your lane. 

  • Enter Temescal Pool from the deck gate on the left side of the main facility entrance. 

  • Leave the facility through the front door which will be locked from the outside. Do not let any other people into the building as you are exiting. 

  • Be aware that poor air quality could lead to canceled workouts. The City of Oakland will close its aquatics facilities when air quality in the area of the pool facility is above 150 Red / Unhealthy according to per Oakland Parks Recreation and Youth Department policy. To find air quality index in search for facility using zip code.

After You Swim:

  • Be prepared to exit the pool on time in consideration for the pool to be readied for the next session of swimmers. 


How to RSVP for a workout:

RSVP using Zen Planner (our workout scheduling and billing system).

    • You may access Zen Planner via: 

    • Since there are 30 swimmers permitted in the pool for each workout, we ask that you

      • Sign-up for every workout using the Zen Planner app. Signing up for workouts ensures you'll have a spot in the lane and also allows our team to participate in contact tracing efforts should they be necessary.

      • Cancel morning reservations by 8pm the night before and evening reservations by 5pm. This will allow waitlisted swimmers to receive notifications from Zen Planner in enough time to join the workout and keep workouts full.


Members who do not comply with any and all Covid-19 safety guidelines and protocols

will not be permitted to participate in workouts.

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