Covid-19 Policies and Procedures for Reopening 

September 17, 2020


Background: Shelter-In-Place Order for Pools Lifted

On Friday, August 21, the Alameda County Public Health Official issued updated Shelter-in-Place Orders to reopen outdoor swimming pools. To prepare for the eventual reopening of Temescal Pool (ostensibly after its deck resurfacing) and this week’s opening of Lions Pool in Dimond Park, the City of Oakland continues to review the Health Order requirements and has begun to resume essential training and American Red Cross certification programs for staff. Temescal Aquatic Masters (TEME) currently is working with existing and prospective coaches to renew lifeguard certifications as necessary.



Before You Swim: TEME Covid-19 Waiver and Health Check:

In order to swim with TEME, every swimmer, before each workout, must: 

  • Electronically sign a Covid-19 waiver as part of the RSVP process for each workout

  • Monitor your own health to consider/notice any symptoms of illness (e.g., fever, sore throat, cough, etc.). If you are feeling at all ill, do not come to practice under any circumstance. 

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before scheduled swim time, and line up 6 feet apart, at the gate to the right of the Lions Pool facility entrance. Coaches will not permit any swimmer more than 5 minutes late to participate in the workout. If you are not permitted to swim, please leave quickly and quietly. 

  • Arrive in your swimsuits, prepared to swim. There shall be no locker room or shower use permitted. You may discreetly deck-change as necessary. 

  • Aim to maintain 6 feet of social distance from all other people within the pool facility at all times, especially during brief moments when you may be unmasked and not in the water. 

  • Be pre-screened before proceeding to your assigned lane. Pre-screening includes a series of questions and a temperature check. Additionally, swimmers must wear face-covering for the duration of the visit except when in water.   

    • You will be asked questions about your health. Coaches, board members, and/or volunteers will verbally administer the following questions regarding exposure to COVID-19: 

      • Does anyone in your household have, or have had within the past fourteen days, any of the following:

        • Fever

        • Persistent cough

        • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

        • Sore throat

        • Muscle or body aches

        • Loss of taste or smell

    • Has anyone in your household had close exposure to confirmed COVID-19 person/persons in the last 14 days? 

    • Have you taken medication to lower your temperature?

  • Your temperature will be taken. Coaches, board members, and/or volunteers will check your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If the temperature is 100.4ºF or higher, you will be asked politely to return home. 

  • Be assigned a lane by the coach. You may not congregate with other swimmers at one end of the pool. 

  • Place your personal items 6 feet apart on the designated side for the workout. The coaches will tell you which side of the pool to put your belongings.

  • Be prepared for 50-minute workouts. The last 10 minutes of each workout, swimmers will exit the pool, dry off, dress, and leave the facility. We ask you not to socialize on deck.

  • Not congregate and talk in front of the facility or in the parking lot before or after practice. 

  • Plan for not having access to the locker rooms, except for toilet use (per Alameda County Public Health Department's orders). 

  • Enter Lions Pool from the deck gate to the immediate right of the main facility entrance. 

  • Be aware that poor air quality could lead to canceled workouts. The City of Oakland will close its aquatics facilities when air quality in the area of the pool facility is above 150 Red / Unhealthy according to per Oakland Parks Recreation and Youth Department policy. To find air quality index in search for facility using zip code.

After You Swim:

  • Be prepared to exit the pool on time and in consideration of the time needed for high-touch surfaces to be cleaned and the pool deck to be readied for the next session of swimmers.  

  • Not congregate and talk in front of the facility or in the parking lot before or after practice. 


How to RSVP for a workout:

RSVP using Zen Planner (our workout scheduling and billing system). You will be prompted to sign an electronic version of the Covid-19 waiver before you are permitted to RSVP for a workout slot. 

    • You may access Zen Planner via: 

    • Since there are only 10 swimmers permitted in the pool for each workout, we ask that you sign up for no more than two workouts from Saturday morning to Friday night. 

    • There may be opportunities for more swims, but for the first week or two, we would like to err on the side of giving more people more access to pool time. Thank you for your flexibility and team-mindedness on this front. 

    • If you cannot make your reservation please cancel so a waitlisted swimmer can take it.


Members who do not comply with any and all Covid-19 safety guidelines and protocols

will not be permitted to participate in workouts.