Meet our Coaches!

They are passionate about swimming and love empowering adults to become stronger swimmers.


Coach Monica Haddad 

I bring over 20 years of swimming experience to Temescal. I really love what I do and I am very happy for having the opportunity to work at Temescal.

Coach Katherine Suyeyasu

Second only to being in the water, watching swimmers from the deck is a favorite for Katherine when at the TEME pool. Okay, maybe third if you add eating snacks on deck with fellow teammates after a good workout. Katherine enjoys learning from what she sees from the deck, sharing those observations with the swimmers she is coaching, and, once she is back in the water, playing around with how she might help a TEME swimmer improve or use what she has observed to improve her own stroke.


Being a part of TEME brings Katherine great joy. She is grateful to all of her teammates who, from her earliest years as a Tortuga, have inspired her and continue to support her growth as a swimmer.

Masters swimming is much more fun than high school, club and college swimming. There is no pressure. The only goals are to be fit and have fun! 



Dirk Dino is life-long swimmer - swimming competitively from the age of 10 through his first year of college, and then several years of triathlons after college. He now swims with Teme, as well as coaching part-time at Teme and at a local fitness club. Dirk also dedicates several months a year to coaching Special Olympics swimming in Oakland.



Coach Dirk Dino

Coach Jovel Quierolo

Jovel is a high school chemistry teacher by day, and swim coach and swimmer by night! She loves going out with swim friends after practice to share food and laughs. In the summer, Jovel can be found swimming with fellow TEME-ians in lakes and the bay, scoring points in open water competitions. Jovel loves long distance freestyle, and hates kicking. 




Coach Jeremy Cohen

Karin Hurley was the head coach of Temescal Masters for 13 years until she retired in 2012. She built the team from a scrappy group of people into a vibrant community of 200+ swimmers. 

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